Preparations to bring Apple Electric Car in full swing, information related to launch time and price revealed

Information related to Apple Electric Car has come to the fore. Its launch time has been extended further. At the same time, it was expected to come as an automatic car, but now the steering wheel design has been revealed in it.

Apple Electric Car: iPhone maker Apple is soon going to enter the electric mobility segment. Some time ago there was news that Apple is in talks with China’s CATL and BYD for the battery of its electric vehicles, which was said that the main model of Apple electric car will be launched in 2025. At the same time, now news is coming that it can be launched by 2026.

This information came to the fore

Talking about the Apple electric car, it is expected to be launched for USD 100,000 (roughly Rs. 82.51 lakh). The special thing is that it is priced lower than before. Before that it is expected to fetch USD 120,000. At the same time, it is going to take one more year to launch it. Earlier it was reported that Apple will bring its new car as a fully automated electric car, but now the current design has been revealed to have traditional elements like pedals and steering wheel.

These features can be found in Apple E-Car

According to the information received earlier, this car of Apple will be brought in all-black color. Also, it will include in-car VR entertainment system. Its patent suggests that this technology can be used to reduce motion lag. Also instead of traditional windows, passengers will be able to see outside using VR headsets.

For information, let us tell you that Apple started working on its automatic vehicle in the year 2014, but this project was stopped for many years. Now it has been started again and work has been started on it fast.

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