Ather Electric Scooter registers 120% growth in annual sales

The coming time is for electric vehicles because now the demand for electric scooters is increasing rapidly in the Indian market. The e2W industry is fast becoming a platform of choices. This is largely being spearheaded by the electric scooter industry.

While a large segment of the auto industry is grappling with declining sales, the electric two-wheeler industry has been performing well in recent months. Electric two-wheeler sales have improved manifold. Sales have increased from a few hundred units to a few thousand units for a large number of electric vehicle manufacturers.

While there are only a few affordable electric cars to choose from, the e2W industry is fast becoming a platform of choices. This has been largely taken forward by the electric scooter industry, which now has a number of offerings. The electric motorcycle industry is also gaining momentum. New-age automakers are collecting a lot of funds for electric vehicles, because the coming time is of electric vehicles. In recent years, the number of players in the arena has continued to increase, and this trend is being reinforced. Investments are important, and changes are happening each day.

Ather Electric Scooter

Ather Electric Scooter Sales March 2022 Ather Energy has made gains as far as sales are concerned. This is the reason why Ather is becoming a big name in the auto industry. In March 2022, 2591 units of Ather Electric Scooter scooters were sold. Ather says this is an increase of over 120 percent annually. Sales in March 2021 were around 1,177 units. The company’s volume gain stood at around 1,414 units. There has also been an improvement in the sales of MoM, where 2,042 units were sold in February 2022, which means that the sales growth of Ather scooters was 26.89 percent in March compared to February with a volume gain of 549 units.

Volume gains are already over 4.8 thousand units with excellent performance in the first 3 months of 2022. January sales were the highest at 2,825 units in the just-ended quarter. Q1 2022 cumulative sales have been reported of 7,458 units. Sales of 2,633 units were recorded for the same quarter in 2021. The growth has more than doubled with a volume gain of 4,825 units.

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