Battery care and maintenance of lead acid battery in Winter

The winter season has slowly started knocking, even though the temperature is fine during the day but it starts getting cold at night. During the winter, many types of problems can be seen in the car as well.
In cold weather, if your car battery is old, then there are many problems in starting it. goes. You do not have to face this kind of problem, so today we are going to give you some important tips

If the car does not start on turning the key for the first time, then take a break for 4 to 5 minutes. Try to start the car only after that because let me tell you that in the beginning the starter motor draws more current and maybe the battery may not be able to give that much current in the first time so it is useless to try continuously after some time try to start the car. Do it.
check once a night

Always keep in mind that while crossing the car in the garage at night, check all the switches of the car because after leaving the car light on, the entire battery will be down by morning, this precaution should be taken in all weather.

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