BH Series Registration: Only these people can get BH Series registration, are you also eligible?

It is often seen that whenever we buy a new vehicle, we have to get it registered, whereas when we drive that vehicle in any other state, then we have to take separate permission for it, so the Government of India has brought BH-series registration number plate. .

There are many people doing such jobs in the country, who are often transferred from one state to another. In such a situation, in order to stay in another state for a long time, the job professionals also take their car to the same state for convenience. But under the Motor Vehicle Act, they have to get registered again in that state. This also costs more money and there is also the hassle of going to the RTO office. In such a situation, for the convenience of the people, the Government of India has brought BH-series registration number plate, which is going to solve this problem. However, the BH series number is not for every man.

Are you eligible too?

The government has made a guideline regarding BH series number plate, from which it will be decided who is eligible and who is not, let us tell you that BH series is a special number plate, for which not every person can apply. In this guideline issued by the government, only those people can apply for this number plate, whose jobs keep getting transferred from one state to another.

These people can apply for BH series

Employees or officers of the Army, Ministry of Defence, Central Departments and private or semi-government offices having offices in at least four provinces of the country. Such personnel can register their vehicles in BH series. Once the BH series number is registered, then the vehicle owner can drive his vehicle without any hesitation in any state, they do not need to register again.

how to apply for BH series ? 

Applying for this number plate is very easy, first you have to clear the eligibility test. Then you have to login to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways vehicle portal, where you can apply for new registration. This can also be done at the dealer level while buying a new vehicle. The dealer will have to fill Form 20 available on the van portal on behalf of the vehicle owner.

Advantages of BH Series Number Plate

For the movement of vehicle owners from one state to another under the BH-series registration number plate, no new registration mark would be required to be assigned to this registration mark.

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