Diwali 2022 Car Offer: Big discount on, chance to save up to 54000

Diwali Car Offers 2022 There can not be a better chance to get a hatchback car on the occasion of Diwali. Today we are going to tell you about the great discount offers available in hatchback cars, so that you can save thousands of rupees.

Diwali Discount Offer: If you are thinking of getting a hatchback car on Diwali, then this news can prove to be helpful for you. This Diwali, many car makers are giving tremendous discounts on their hatchback cars as well. There are hatchback cars ranging from Tata to Maruti, on which you can save up to a maximum of Rs 54,000. So let’s know which hatchback cars are being given the most discounts.

Tata Tiago

If you are planning to buy a Tata Tiago hatchback car this Diwali, then you can save a maximum of Rs 23,000 on this car. There is a cash discount of Rs 10,000, an exchange bonus of Rs 10,000, and a corporate discount of Rs 3,000.

Maruti Wagon R

Great discount offers are also being offered on Maruti’s WagonR hatchback car, the most loved among hatchback cars. In this, savings of Rs 40,000 to Rs 35,000 can be made depending on different variants. 20,000 off on WagonR 1.0 liter manual and automatic variants. While its 1.2-liter manual and automatic variants are being offered with discounts of Rs 40,000 and Rs 30,00 respectively. You can save up to a maximum of Rs 35,000 on its CNG variants.

Maruti Celerio

The name of Maruti’s Celerio car also comes in the list of hatchback cars. The maximum you can save on the purchase of this car is Rs 39,000. It is getting a cash discount of Rs 20,000, exchanges bonus of Rs 15,000, and a corporate discount of Rs 4,000.

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