A tiny spark will ruin your car! Keep Car Safe on Diwali Day

Car Care Tips Diwali A big explosion can happen in the CNG tank due to a fire in the car. Therefore, apart from worshiping the cleanliness of the house, do not cover your two-wheeler- three-wheeler, or four-wheeler with a cover.

It is not safe to park the car in the open on the road outside on the day of Diwali, as a small spark can destroy your vehicle. However, the material used in the body of the car. There is no possibility of catching fire on it quickly, but we make some such mistakes, which increase the chances of catching fire in the vehicle.

take off the car cover

If you have covered your car, take it off immediately on this day. Because the sparks of firecrackers and rockets can fall on the cover of your vehicle, which can cause a fire in the vehicle, and seeing your car worth lakhs can also be destroyed in an instant. Therefore, try to park your car safely, if you do not have a parking facility in your house, then do not cover the car with a cover while parking the car under the open sky.

CNG cars catch fire quickly

If you have a CNG car and you have kept it covered under the open sky then it is most dangerous, because CNG cars are fitted with CNG tanks, there can be a big explosion in the CNG tank due to the fire in the car. Therefore, do not cover your two-wheeler – three-wheeler, or four-wheeler with a cover except for the cleanliness of the house and worship.

Do not light a lamp on the car

On the day of Diwali, people worship the vehicle as Lakshmi, and at the same time, some people leave the lamp on top of the car. Many times the vehicle gets damaged due to the fall of the lamp.

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