Vehicle number plate colour code in India

In this news, we are going to tell you how many colored number plate vehicles run in India and what is its meaning so that whenever you see these vehicles on the roads, you can immediately identify their use.

There are many types of vehicles plying on the road. You must have often seen vehicles with different colored number plates moving on the road. Each vehicle justifies its segment according to its color. With this, vehicles can be easily identified as to what use they vehicle is being used for. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you about the real meaning of each and every number plate running in India and its color.

1. White Number Plate

White-colored number plates are used only in private vehicles. Such vehicles may not be used for rent or for any business purpose. Generally, more vehicles with white color and yellow number plates can be seen on the road.

2. Yellow Number Plate

Have you ever noticed what color number plates are used while riding on Ola, or Uber? Most people know that the color of the number plate used for taxis is yellow. Drivers of vehicles with yellow number plates should also have a driving license for a commercial vehicle.

3. Green Number Plate

For the last few years, you must have seen green number plates on the roads. Cars with green color number plates run on batteries. This means that the green number plates are only installed in the electric vehicle. From now on whenever you see vehicles with green number plates on the road, then immediately understand that this is an electric vehicle.

4. Black Number Plate

The number plates of vehicles used in luxury hotels are black in colour. These vehicles are registered as commercial vehicles. However, a commercial vehicle driving license is not required to drive a car with a black number plate.

5. Red Number Plate

A red-colored number plate means that this vehicle has got only a temporary number plate so far. After buying a new car, you have to use the red number plate until you get a permanent number plate.

6 arrow marks on the number plate

A different type of number plate is installed in the vehicle of Indian soldiers. The number plate of army vehicles has an upward arrow mark at the beginning. The arrow pointing up is also called the broad arrow.

7. Blue Number Plate

This type of number plate is used in embassies. Vehicles reserved for foreign diplomats have a blue number plate with white letters. The blue color number plate has letters like CC (Consular Corps), UN (United Nations), DC (Diplomatic Corps), etc. Also, these number plates do not have the state code. Instead, display the country code of those diplomats.

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