Delhi Traffic Police Action continued under the No noise campaign in Delhi,

Delhi Traffic Police Action is being taken by the Delhi Traffic Police against the drivers of modified vehicles and those who use pressure horn. For this, a campaign is also being run in the name of Shor Nahi in Delhi.

If you have also got your two or four-wheeler modified, then this news is also for you. Now you have to use your vehicle in the same way as it is being given to you from the showroom. If you get any modification done in it for Tashan, then the traffic police can challan it according to the rules.

Delhi Traffic Police is continuing its campaign against those who use pressure horns and modified silencers to make noises like crackers in vehicles. This campaign has been named as Shor Nahi in Delhi by the police. Under this campaign, daily action is being taken against such drivers. If caught for the first time, he is being challaned of Rs 5000 and for the second time he is being fined double i.e. Rs 10 thousand.

A total of 2712 challans were deducted from 20 August to 3 September last month under the no noise campaign by the traffic police. Out of these, 1699 challans are for those who use pressure horn and 1006 for those who have modified silencers in bullets. According to police officials, this campaign will be run for the whole month, during this time any driver found violating traffic rules will be challaned in the same way.

In fact, it is still seen in many areas that drivers are using modified silencers in pressure horns and bullets. Some bullet drivers are using such silencers, which emit cracker-like sound, while some other types of heavy sound. The work of installing such silencers in bullets is also being done at many places. At present, the police have completely banned them, but still these works are found secretly. This campaign is being run only to completely ban such people.

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