Honda EM1 Electric Scooter: This new Honda scooter will help in daily work, equipped with features like battery swap

The Honda EM1 Electric Scooter has been introduced at the EICMA 2022 motor show in Italy. It is an electric moped that has been designed for smooth running in cities. At the same time, Honda is also planning to bring 10 EVs in the later year.

Honda EM1 Electric Scooter: Two-wheeler manufacturer Honda introduced its first electric scooter EM1 at the Auto Show EICMA 2022 in Italy. It has been brought to the European market with a swappable battery and could be launched by mid-2023. At the same time, it remains to be seen whether the EM1 will be launched in India after Europe or not.

EM1 arrived in the form of an electric moped

Let us tell you that these days Honda is working on many big projects in the electric segment. Under this, the company is going to bring a total of 10 new electric models by 2025. EM1 is the first of these. It is an electric moped, which reflects the ‘EM’ in its name. This electric moped is designed for everyday tasks, which will give a comfortable ride experience in cities. Its design has been made keeping in mind the special youth.

Battery Power of EM1 Electric Scooter

The battery pack of the EM1 electric scooter has not been disclosed at the moment, but it is known that it will get a removable battery (swappable battery). At the same time, the Honda EM1 electric moped can be driven at a top speed of 45 kmph. Talking about the battery range, the Hero Electric Moped will be able to deliver a range of around 40 on a single charge, with the company calling its battery pack the “Honda Mobile Power Pack” which will be marketed as the L1e-B moped in Europe. could.

EM1 is equipped with many features

The features of Honda’s electric scooter are yet to be revealed, but according to earlier information, it has been given 12-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels. It also gets a hub-mounted e-motor, a large luggage rack at the rear, telescopic front forks, and LED lighting for comfortable riding in cities. Along with this, an LCD instrument console has also been added.

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