Steps for transfer of ownership

Before applying online RC transfer certificate in India, scan each and every copy of all your documents and keep it in your gallery so that you will be able to follow each and every step easily while applying.

 There was a time when there used to be long lines to get the RC transfer done, but now it has become easy to do. Now you can transfer your RC sitting at home through an online medium. To do this, you only need to keep a few documents with you. Apart from this, in this news, we are going to tell you about online RC transfer.

There are so many types of RC transfer

There are three types of RCs, which are normal sale, transfer after the death of the vehicle owner, and transfer for public auction. People face many problems while getting an Rc transfer done because they do not know about the right methods.

How to apply online RC

To transfer RC online, simply visit the official website, create an account and fill in the required details. For online transfer of RC, a fee of Rs 525 will have to be paid. After filling out the form download it and submit it to the RTO that you selected while filling the said form.

Keep these documents with you while applying

Whenever you are going to apply for a transfer of RC, it is necessary to carry some important documents with you. These documents include a certificate of registration, certificate of insurance, certificate of pollution, PAN card (seller and buyer), chassis and engine pencil print, proof of date of birth of the buyer, proof of address, R.C. Book, passport size photograph, tax clearance certificate etc.

Scan documents required

Keep a scanned copy of all your documents and keep them in your gallery, so that you can easily follow each and every step while applying.

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