How to service your Bike at home by following just 4 steps

You can get the bike serviced right at home by following some simple steps. It also costs less, as well as you can do the servicing according to your need. This type of servicing can be of great use to you during the Corona period.

Many people have stopped moving out of the house during the Corona period. In this Corona Kal situation, many Riders are not able to get the vehicles serviced in their house. If you have any such problem with us then today we are going to tell you how you can do the servicing of vehicles standing in your house on your own.

Step by Step 

Bike wash

Bike wash: The first step of servicing is washing, yes it is very important to wash the bike before servicing so that no parts of dust get lost during servicing. Dust and muds can damage the inner parts of your bikes, chain, and other metal. In this case, you should clean the bike well.

Engine oil: Let us tell you that engine oil is the most important for any engine. In this case, you should completely empty the old engine oil of your bike. The old engine oil is burnt which should be replaced and instead you should use good quality engine oil.

Lubrication: After changing the engine oil you should do greasing from chain to wheels. Always you must use Engine oil to lube Chain and other parts rather than Grease it will give you no fear of rust and your bike runs smoothly.

Air Filter

Air Filter: Let us know that any person can easily clean the air filter of their bike. However, do not Clean Air filters just change with the New one and air filters are very cheap in the market. When the air filter changes than this will going to give your bike a Good Pickup and awesome mileage and same time you will feel that smoothness with bike .

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