If a car was stolen from the parking garage

Car Parking We often park our car in its parking lot when we go to the hotel. But if your car is stolen from there then who will be responsible for it? The hotel will compensate for its loss or you will have to bear it. Today we will know the answers to these questions.

If you also go to a hotel or restaurant and eat food and during that time you park your car in the parking area of ​​the hotel, then there is a possibility that your car may be stolen. It is often seen that thieves are already present in the parking area and as soon as a vehicle is parked, they break its lock and steal it. What would you do in such a situation?
These are the rules if the vehicle is stolen from the parking lot

According to a Supreme Court judgment, if a customer goes to a hotel or restaurant and hands over the keys to his car to its management, the hotel will take care of the car’s security. In such a situation, if the car is stolen or if there is any damage in it, then compensation will be given by the hotel. However, it has to be kept in mind that at the time of theft, the key of the vehicle should be with the management only.

how much compensation will be given?
According to the Supreme Court, if the hotel provides the parking and there is any damage or theft to the car in the same parking, then the hotel will be fully responsible for it. That means you will not suffer any kind of loss.

Will there be compensation for free parking also?
Even if your vehicle is parked in the free parking area of ​​the hotel, you will get total compensation if the vehicle is stolen. The Supreme Court has said that if the hotel refuses to pay on the ground that car parking was given free of cost, it cannot do so. According to the rules, hotels charge money from the customer in many ways in the form of service of room, food, and entry fee. In such a situation, the hotel will have to pay compensation for the theft of the vehicle.

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