Increase SUV mileage by following simple tips, will save thousands every month

SUVs are quite large in size as well as their engine is powerful. However, due to the powerful engine, the SUV gives less mileage and the mileage is reduced due to frequent brakes applied while driving on urban roads.

SUVs are in trend nowadays. SUVs are much larger in size than hatchback and sedan cars, as well as their engines are much more powerful. However, due to the powerful engine, the SUV gives less mileage and if you are driving on urban roads, the mileage is reduced due to repeated brakes. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some simple tips which you can increase the mileage of SUV by following.

Avoid using wide tires: Wide tires are best for off-roading, but if you want to increase mileage, then you should use company fitted tires in your SUV. These tires not only increase the mileage but also help the SUV hold speed faster.

Gear use: Some people change gears several times in a very short period of time. Doing so puts pressure on the engine and also reduces the mileage. You should only change gears when needed.

Avoid overloading: The loading capacity of a full size SUV is very high, so if you are overloading in your car, it reduces the mileage significantly and also affects the engine significantly.Heavy Protection Grill: Some people install a heavy duty grill on their car to protect the car from damage. This grill not only increases the weight of your SUV as well as reduces the mileage, you should get the heavy grill removed from the car.

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