Indian CAR has the highest tax rates globally more than 50%

The cost of vehicles doubling till they reach the customer from the factory, know how much tax the government is charging

Automobile industry news in hindi, GST rates, Cess, business news, tax on cars: Thousands of new cars are bought every year in the country. Some of these prices are low, then some are expensive there. When the cars leave the factory, they do not cost as much as the customer has to pay at the time of purchase. That is, after the car leaves from the factory, it gets taxed. The government has imposed a GST of 28 percent, plus some surcharge. Apart from this, auto insurance with registration and road tax, fastag is mandatory. Due to all this, the price of vehicles increases drastically. If calculated, it is clear that about half of the pre-tax price of the car and the tax has to be paid by the customers.

If you take the small car Alto for the common people, then in a state like Bihar, the price of a car of Rs 277442 reaches Rs 415149 at the time of arrival on the road. That is, the total tax (49.6%) of more than Rs 1.37 lakh is added on it. If we calculate the total tax on the trains of other classes, then the customer has to pay an additional amount of about 29 percent to 50 percent of their actual price. Car manufacturers said that this affects the demand for cars in the market and the purchasing power of the people.

Large amount has to be paid in the form of GST and cess

Passenger vehicle (petrol): 29%

Passenger vehicle (diesel): 31%

Medium-sized vehicle: 45%

Big Carts: 48%

SUV: 50%

Hybrid Car: 43%

Two Wheelers: 31%

Know the tax (in Bihar) on some popular models of cars (amount in rupees)

Vehicle Model: Alto LXi

Pre-tax price: 277442

GST + Cess (29%): 80458

Registration Tax: 40900

Insurance: 15699

Fastag: 650

Total Tax: 137707

Tax%: 49.6

On Road Price: 415149

Vehicle Model: Desire – BXI

Pre-tax price: 526357

GST + Cess (29%): 152643

Registration Tax: 73050

Insurance: 27898

Fastag: 650

Total Tax: 254241

Tax%: 48.3

On Road Price: 780598

Vehicle Model: Swift VXI

Pre-tax price: 541860

GST + Cess (29%): 157140

Registration Tax: 67050

Insurance: 26594

Fastag: 650

Total Tax: 251434

Tax%: 46.4

On Road Price: 793294

Vehicle Model: Hyundai Creta

Pre-tax price: 775186

GST + Cess (29%): 224804

Registration Tax: 112000

Insurance: 53009

Fastag: 650

Total Tax: 390453

Tax%: 50.4

On Road Price: 11655649

Vehicle Model: Honda City

Pre-tax price: 844953

GST + Cess (29%): 245037

Registration Tax: 123639

Insurance: 35608

Fastag: 650

Total Tax: 404934

Tax%: 47.9

On Road Price: 1249887

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