India’s First All-Electric SUV by HYUNDAI KONA , Price and Specification

The Hyundai Kona is versatile and power pack performance will change the people mind towards the electric car the has the unique engine which has not been yet disclosed by the Hyundai the car has high acceleration with thrilling experience over long distance which have mind change for the people the car has a dynamic design which make it look a fabulous suv .

The car has been designed in a unique way with the best packing of battery for long-distance travel with the acceleration of 0-100km/hr by 9.7sec which show the power of the car with a different mode like ECO COMFORT SPORTS the car has the long-range of 452km according to Hyundai the car will be most economical and will cost 1/5 cost of IC engine of travelling. The Car has a power of 136ps and 40.27kgm of torque.

The Hyundai Kona has a unique feature of transmission which has an automatic transmission with the shift by wire system which gives you a new style and paddle-shifting for the regeneration of brake and the front ventilated seats and the digital instrument cluster with supervision the car has the best battery with an unlimited warranty for 3years as per Hyundai


Revolutionary in every way, your KONA Electric covers 452*km per full charge. meaning you can bid adieu to range anxiety and began for your destination without fear about running out of charge. It’s a green thanks to save time and money It is not only eco-friendly, but also full of power. Get ready to experience smooth acceleration with KONA Electric, that goes from 0 to 100 kmph during a  matter of 9.7* s.Go with the game Mode on days once you want an added dose of thrill

DC Quick Charger CCS Type 2 – 50 kW KONA Electric is often charged at DC fast-charging stations. Charges up to 80% in but 1 h (57 min) – It takes less time than your smartphone must charge.

AC Wall Box Charger – 7.2 kW Wall-mounted charger is installed reception or office premises for faster charging. It takes almost 6 h 10 min for a full charge,

Portable Charger along side the Car – 2.8 kW The car is provided with an in-cable control box (ICCB) that you can plug right into a traditional wall plug . It will take 19 h for a full charge.

KONA Electric may be a world apart for several reasons, the design being one among them. From bold exteriors to sleek LED lighting and fine detailing, it’s everything to form it distinctive. Add clever integrated features and functionality, and you get a singular green vehicle that creates a press release. he second you get into KONA Electric, you enter the guts of unmatched comfort. Intelligently placed button type Shift-by-wire system, impeccably designed Bridge-type center console; everything has been designed and positioned to form your driving experience as smooth as possible. Bridge-type Centre Console I Leather Wrapped wheel I LED Luggage Lamp Leather Seats I Rear Adjustable Headrests I Rear Split Seats 60:40 I chump Dashboard  Get ready for a hassle-free life with KONA Electric that has been created to suit in your world seamlessly. 

Now you’ll access your phone, your favorite music and maps, using the multimedia touchscreen display that comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. to make sure your phone never runs out of battery, there’s a wireless charging pad.  KONA Electric comes with superior safety features to stay you out of harm’s way. Made of ultra-high lastingness steel, KONA Electric offers high impact energy absorption that keeps the passengers safe within the unfortunate event of a collision. The cabin has been specially designed to disperse energy to scale back impact on the occupants. 

At Rs 25.3 lakhs (ex-showroom India), the Kona Electric may be a brilliant effort by Hyundai to kickstart its electric innings in India.

Price: ₹ 23.85 Lakh onwards

Transmission: Automatic

At Rs 25.3 lakhs (ex-showroom India), the Kona Electric is a brilliant effort by Hyundai to kickstart its electric innings in India.

Price: ₹ 23.85 Lakh onwards

Transmission: Automatic

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