Keep the car tires safe, know when wheel alignment is important

The type of whole car is important to take care of. In the same way, maintenance of the tires of the car is also very important. Tires are the life of a car and follow these tips for safety and hassle free driving. (Photo courtesy Maruti Suzuki)


Taking care of the tires of the car is as important as taking care of the entire car. By taking care of the tires, you are able to ensure that the tires of the car will never be cheated in the middle. Here we are telling you about those things, through which you can identify problems in the tires of the car.

Tires Check: If you check the tires correctly, then you can identify the tire before it gets damaged. Check the tire layer and sidewall to avoid any kind of trouble. Identify tire cuts, cracks and bulges. Simultaneously examine the inner surface. Cracks in the tires due to stones, glass or other debris can increase over time, causing the tires to deteriorate. Simultaneously check the rims, as a bad rim can damage the tires. Replace the rim as soon as needed.

Wheel alignment and balancing: Wheel alignment and balancing are very important for tires. If your car is moving sideways or not driving properly or there is vibration in the steering, wheel alignment can correct these problems. If the steering vibration is due to unbalanced tires, wheel balancing is very important to correct it. To balance this, the wheel is rotated at high speed. The weight is then added to the rim to re-balance. Balance your tires should be done per 10 thousand km.

Tire pressure check: To check tire pressure, it is advisable to check the air pressure every 2 weeks. This eliminates the possibility of puncture and tearing of the tire. If the air pressure in the tire is high then it creates a risk of tire burst. It should be ensured that the tires should be cooled before pressure is checked in the tires.

Tire time limit identification: Tire time identification is done by a small arrow on the outside of the tire. If you look at the tire, you will know when the tire is going to end. If the outermost layer of the tire is touching the trade wear indicator, now is the time that the tire should be replaced. Tires with a depth of less than 2 mm should be replaced as soon as possible.

Tire Changing: Changing tires from one place to another is the best way to match the tires. This also increases the life of tires. Tire rotation also depends on the type of vehicles such as front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Wheel rotation is recommended per 10,000 km for the improvement of tires.

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