Lucid Air is the first true luxury EV Car, Price, and Specification

Lucid Air is that the first true luxury car ever designed from the bottom up as an EV — and from the beginning of its development we used the Lucid Space Concept to maximise interior space. This new approach to sedan architecture takes full advantage of Lucid’s miniaturized EV drivetrain to deliver full-size interior volume with a mid-size exterior footprint.

The Lucid Air

As a result, once we begin customer deliveries early next year, the Lucid Air will offer class-leading interior space, a sculpted 113kWh battery pack, and therefore the largest frunk ever offered in an electrical car.

Powerful electric car: This car will run 832km in single charging, a full charge will be less than 40 minutes; Company released model and price

The top speed of this electric sedan is 320 km per hour. The company claims that it can run up to 482km in 20 minutes of charging, By charging 1 minute, it can travel 32 kilometers

American automotive company Lucid Air has introduced its most powerful electric car ever. The company claims about this car, it will travel the fastest kilometers by being the fastest charge. The delivery of this luxury look sedan will start in 2021.

This electric car is so powerful

The Lucid company claims that this luxury electric sedan has a dual motor setup. Due to which the car gets power up to 1080 hp. It can cover a distance of about 400 meters in a fourth of a mile in less than 10 seconds. The car uses a 113 kWh battery pack. Due to which it gives a range of 832 km on a single charge.

The company’s second claim is that it is the world’s fastest charged car. After 20 minutes of charging, this car can travel 300 miles i.e. 482 kilometers. At the same time, after 1 minute of charging, it can travel 32 kilometers. This car will take less than 40 minutes to be fully charged.

The company’s third claim is that the electric sedan has a top speed of 320 kmph. However, in terms of top speed, the Tesla company’s Roadstar is above it. The top speed of this car is 402 km per hour.

The Lucid car has a full-size luxury-class interior. It has a 34-inch curved glass cockpit 5K display on the front. Which hangs on the dashboard. Light and air have also been taken care of in the interior of the car.

Lucid air electric car price

Lucid Air will first be sold in North America. It will initially take off with four models.

  1. The starting range will start at less than $ 80,000 (about Rs 59 lakh). It will come by 2022.
  2. The touring model will cost around $ 95,000 (about Rs. 70 lakh). It will come by 2021.
  3. The price of the Grand Touring model will be close to $ 139,000 (about Rs 1 crore). It will come by 2021.
  4. The Dream Edition model will cost around $ 169,000 (about Rs 1.25 crore). It will come by 2021.

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