Top 5 Maruti Suzuki Car Under 10Lakh.

Maruti Cars Under 10 Lakh Rupees If your budget is less than Rs 10 Lakh then you can buy these Maruti vehicles. Today we have brought you a list of these vehicles, reading which you can buy a great new car for yourself.

 Maruti Cars Under 10 Lakh Rupees: One of the country’s largest companies, Maruti’s vehicles are very much liked by the people. At the same time, the Maruti car is also very economical in terms of price. If your budget is less than Rs 10 lakh, then there are some such vehicles of Maruti which have been ruling the hearts of people for many years.

Maruti Alto K10

Maruti has launched this car in recent times. This is the third generation model of this car. One of the cheapest cars in the country. Its starting price is Rs 3.99 lakh. Which goes up to Rs 5.84 lakh for its top-spec variant.

Maruti Swift

This car comes with a very luxurious and sporty look. Because of this, its sales are very high. This car is available in a total of 10 variants. Its price starts from Rs 5.91 lakh. While its top-spec variant is available at a price of Rs 8.71 lakh.

Maruti Baleno

This is one of the premium cars. In the same year, the company launched its updated version. Along with this, it is available in a total of 7 variants. Its base variant costs Rs 6.49 lakh, while its top-spec variant costs Rs 9.71 lakh (ex-showroom).

Maruti Celerio

This hatchback car is more liked in the Indian market. This car is available in both petrol and diesel versions. At the same time, this car gives mileage of up to 35.60 km/kg on CNG. Its starting price is Rs 5.25 lakh.


It is one of the best-selling cars in the country. This car comes in a total of 11 variants. Its starting price is Rs 5.44 lakh, while the price of its top-spec variant is Rs 7.08 lakh.

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