Motorists will not be charged a heavy fine in Goa

The Goa government has decided to postpone the new Motor Vehicle Act for some time in view of the current coronavirus situation. In the new act, a heavy fine was to be levied on the drivers while breaking the rules. In fact, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said during a conversation with journalists that this act of the central government is very strict for the drivers, and in such a situation, the state government has decided to postpone the decision for some time as the cases of coronavirus increase rapidly. Have been.

Transport Minister Mowin Godinho announced earlier in the week that the new Vehicle Act will be fully implemented from May 1. He had said that the police of the state will inform the motor vehicle drivers about the amendment in the Act brought in the year 2019.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Thursday also informed that from which day the new Motor Vehicle Act will be implemented, information will be given later. We will also tell the Central Government and the Supreme Court about our decision in which we are postponing the decision to implement the Motor Vehicle Act.

Let us tell you that on Thursday morning the state BJP President Sadanand Tension, appealed to the state government to postpone the new rule for a few days as the coronavirus is spreading rapidly and this situation should be noted. After this, a decision was taken to postpone the new act.

Let us tell you that the tension has said that people are already struggling with economic difficulties due to the coronavirus killing and due to the huge fine imposed by the new Vehicle Act, they will have more problems.

He further said that the imposition of heavy fines will not create awareness among the people about road safety, in which case the government should go among the public and explain to them the traffic rules and ask them to follow them.

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