New scrap policy 2021, know the important things related to your benefit

According to the new scrappage policy, it will be mandatory for private vehicles to undergo a fitness tests after 20 years and commercial vehicles after 15 years. The registration of such trains will be canceled if they fail in this test. At the same time, under the Scape Policy, there will be a discount of 5% on the purchase of new vehicles.

new scrap policy 2021

Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari announced the Scrappage Policy or the Vehicle Scrapping Policy in Parliament on the previous day. According to this policy, a personal vehicle will be required to undergo fitness test after 20 years and commercial vehicle after 15 years. Apart from this, Gadkari also stated that an advisory has been issued by the government to all the automakers that vehicle owners showing certificates of scrap policy while selling new vehicles should be given a rebate of 5 percent. He said that this policy will not only reduce pollution but will also give a boost to the auto sector. Because the parts emanating from the vehicles that are scraped will be recycled, which will also reduce the cost of components. Let us explain about this policy in simple language through this article.

The government has proposed in the policy of scrap policy that if any personnel vehicle older than 15 years does not get the fitness certificate, then its registration will be canceled. That means it will not be able to walk on the road again. In addition, the increased fees for fitness certificates and fitness tests may apply after 15 years from the date of initial registration for commercial vehicles.

To avail this policy, customers have to go to the scraping center and find out the scrap value of their car. Under the new scraping policy, if someone takes an old car in scrap and gets a new car, then they will get 5% discount. It has also been said to waive the registration fee at the time of registration of the new vehicle. The new scrap policy will not include vintage cars. Registration fees and renewal fees will be increased for older vehicles. Toll booths will be removed in one year, tax will be collected through GPS.

Under this new policy, customers will be given an incentive of about 4% to 6% of the ex-showroom price of the new vehicle if they give the old vehicles in scrap. In addition, state governments may be advised to offer a road tax exemption of up to 25% for private vehicles and up to 15% for commercial vehicles.

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