TVS has launched his first electrical scooter in India, TVS iQube

TVS IQube electric seems very promising its have very very less features and very innovative Technologies, 

 You can charge your TVS IQube electric Scooter for 60 minutes and it will provide the range of 15 to 20 kilometers,   TVS IQube offering 3-year warranty on Advance Lithium-ion battery,  that’s make the scooter more reliable and more promising,  TVS IQube offers non stop ride of 75 kilometers,  if you charge for the overnight,  it means if you are working I like to go to your daily office School, so it  means it is very suitable for you, 


 Speed of TVS IQube electric scooter is 78 kilometre per hour which is well enough, 

 Range of per charge or you can say overnight charge is non stop 75 kilometre per charge so if you have daily right of up and down more than 60 and less than 70 so you can drive easily for your day to day life,

 The TVS IQube comes equipped with silent have mounted motor that has a peak output of 4.4 kilowatts which ensure minimal laws of power in transmission so you can go  ahead,

 the TVS IQube power with 3 Lithium-ion battery packs, which covered in warranty for three years of fifty thousand kilometres so you no need to worry just enjoy your ride,

 Acceleration of TVS IQube scooter is from 0 to 40 in just 4.2 seconds,

Tvs Motors

Design and features

 the new TVS IQube design is very unique and it seems very promising with the cutting and Technology and sharp lines that is come with TVS IQube scooter make it stand out,

 it’s having crystal clear headlamps that is in LED, LED tail lamps,  new TVS TVS IQube comes with two Park assist that can help for the forward and backward assist, having very good under-seat storage,  Under the seat USB charging port with LED lamps,

 TVS smart X connect

 TVS has developed a new technology that they called the TVS smart X connect show with the help of this technology or application you can monitor real-time,

 once you install this application on your smartphone,  you can check navigation remote charge station geofencing incoming call alert and so much more smart statics of your scooters,

  TVS IQube scooter comes with very good TFT display where you can check entire details about your vehicle, all kind of navigation,  near charging station,  and much much more,


TVS IQube scooters claim  Diet which compared  to normal petrol scooters

 Examples,  if a for the daily 30 km a day an average petrol price like 77 rupees per litre then in 5 years it will come around 69000 rupees,

 whereas if you use the TVS IQube electric scooter 30 kilometre per day 75 kilometre per charge so for the five year your expenses will be like 9000 rupees plus GST,

 that means it’s clearly shows you can save up to 60 thousand rupees of your running cost within five year,  it may It may vary people-to-people City to city e but on an average saving will be like in the same ratio,

 Assurance of quality,

 as you already aware that in scooter segment TVS is reader,  TVS having most variety is or you can say model of TVS scooter in the market,  and two wheeler TVS is most successful scooters,  so you can ensure the quality of TVS and TVS scooter,   they having 40 million + happy customers, 

 TVS IQube Price

 TVS IQube electric cost on road approx 150000 rupees,  which include 3 year warranty or 50000 kilometres warranty, 

 lifetime smart xconext basic features, 

 1 year roadside assistant,

 Standard accessories

 1 year smart xnet advance subscription,

 most importantly  the TVS I cube smart electric scooter is now available in in Bangalore and selected cities only,  this is not launched in all over the India,  maybe they are going to launch after this covid-19 situation,


TVS IQube smart electric scooter seems very promising good looking attractive cost effective price sensitive and value for the money,

 however overall range can be more than 75 kilometres per charge,  it might be improve in next I cube scooter, 

 if you are in Bangalore you must take a test ride and feel the change,

 the new era of electric vehicles, future is here, 

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