Odysse Evoqis Cheapest Superbike

Mumbai base EV startup company has luched there new Racing looking new EV bikes in Mumbai , 

Name : Evoqis this bike is look like super sport bike, by looking these picture you can amaze, but wait a second there are few thing which you must know before fall in love with bike : 

Non removable battery packs are there , and you can charge form your normal home socket, what you see ? is this BMW ? Yamaha? Or honda CBR, 

By the way this is copy form all these bike, you can see these are cheap copying process which done by the chines company only ! 

Here are specification of the Evoqis 

  1. Evoqis Powar :  Motor power of 3000 watt
  2. Evoqis Battery Type : Quick charging with lithium battery
  3. Evoqis Speed : Top speed of 80km/hr
  4. Evoqis Range : 150KM in full charges

Odysse Evoqis  is one of its kind 100% electric bike manufacturing company basically they are doing importing all part form the China and doing assembling in the Ahmdabad Gujrat, India, these bike are assembled in india not made in india !

Company offering 3 years of warranty on the battery, 

However Evoqis bike looks great , 

How it work : this is very simple electric bike and run same as all are !

There are no foot control, both break are in the handle bar only, just do  press the Throttle and enjoy your ride,

As per the company cost of the Evoqis bike is 1.50 Lakh, 

However its your choice take a test drive before you consider to buy it 

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