Petrol Vs Diesel Cars which is best?

Troll engines and diesel engines are the two traditional fuels that have the highest number of vehicles on the market. But whenever you go to buy a new car, you find that diesel cars are more expensive than petrol, let’s know why this happens.

Petrol Vs Diesel Cars: Whenever you decide to buy a car, you see the car in both the options of diesel-petrol. However, now other options are also available in the market. But even today, conventional fuel cars like diesel-petrol are the most popular in the market. In such a situation, a question must come in everyone’s mind while buying a car, why diesel engine cars are millions of rupees more expensive than petrol engine cars and what is the real reason behind this. In India, there are many times the difference of millions of rupees between diesel and petrol cars below 10 lakh rupees. Let us know what is the real reason behind this.

That’s why petrol cars are cheaper: The biggest reason that petrol fuel cars are cheaper than diesel is that it has fewer parts than the diesel engine. Apart from this, their maintenance is also cheaper. Actually, both petrol and diesel engines work differently. While the petrol engine car uses the spark plug while taking the ignition, the diesel engine carts start through the compressor. Petrol engines require less force to operate than diesel, so fewer components are used. Because of which these vehicles are cheaper.

Diesel Cars: There are many reasons why diesel cars are more expensive than petrol cars. Diesel engines have more parts than petrol. Due to which its cost increases. In order to withstand the heat produced in a diesel engine, many parts have to be installed in it, which are quite expensive. Apart from these parts, turbochargers are also fitted with oil burners at times. This increases the cost of the engine further. The advantage of a turbocharger is that it helps in increasing the power of the engine. Sometimes, the price of these cars also increases due to high demand from customers.

Petrol makes power diesel engine: Apart from all these things, you get to see the best drive performance in diesel engines, due to which they will cost more. Actually, diesel cars generate good power and torque as compared to petrol. Due to which the driver does not have difficulty in catching speed even at low RPM without jerk and the car runs smooth. However, the maintenance cost of the diesel engine is slightly higher than petrol and its engine has more noise.

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