Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycle is just a step away from its launch, full details of the concept model surfaced

Information related to Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycle has been leaked. According to the information, its concept model has been named Electric 01 and it is being built on a new platform. Check out the complete details related to Royal Enfield electric bike below.

Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycle: It was reported some time ago that bike manufacturer Royal Enfield is now about to step into the electric bike segment. Its electric bike was also spotted during testing, but there was not much information about its battery pack and features. Now the latest information related to it has come to the fore, in which things have been leaked regarding its concept model. According to media reports, the upcoming Royal Enfield bike has been codenamed Electric01 and will see the same luxurious look of Royal Enfield with new technology.

These features come to the fore
Leaked details of the Royal Enfild Electic Motorcycle reveal that the brand’s sleek neo-vintage look has been added to the concept model, while retaining its classic styling. It has been given high quality tactile finish and touch points. Also, the bike is likely to feature a girder fork suspension setup at the front along with disc brakes and alloy wheels.

E-bike will be made on special platform
According to the information received earlier, Royal Enfield has prepared a new platform for its new electric bike. Due to this platform, Royal Enfield’s first electric bike is expected to come with 250 to 300cc power.

Showcased this bike
Apart from working on electric bikes, Royal Enfield is also working on bikes with ICE engines. The brand recently unveiled its Super Meteor 650 model at the 2022 Rider Mania event in Goa. This bike has been specially made keeping in mind the youth, in which a parallel-twin motor of 648cc has been given. This bike can be launched in the Indian market in early 2023. At the same time, after launch, it will compete with bikes like Kawasaki Vulcan S and Benelli 502C.

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