Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 having an Airlock problem

Yes, that this Ture this is the Problem is Of all These kinds of Fuel tanks, LID (Fuel cap ), and to solve this Problem i Did all kinds of the activity, and Tricks, i did Vaseline  Application and Put lots of WD40, use Petrol Wash, even Air Pressure Cleanup but not solved, 

However i solved this problem with these easy steps, 

  1. What is the Problem?

Ans:  While driving my bike problem of air pressure in the tank when I close the lid. If I close the tank lid bike stops after 200mts, and if open petrol flows without issue.

  1. Why is this Happening?

Ans: Due to NRV(Non-Return Valve ) Or One way Valve. This is made with Rubber and sometimes not working. 

  1. How Solve Problem?

Ans: Open the Black Plastic cover  from the back side and Remove the NRV, 

check below Potos and remove this black NRV all

All petrol tank cap has a very small hole for avoiding this very issue as a vapor-lock issue. Sometimes, due to dusty conditions, that small hole gets closed trapping the vapor inside the tank.

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