Second Hand Car Buying Tips, read before you buy

Check all filters of Second Hand Car and replace them if possible. Because all filters require regular cleaning. If this is not done on time, the performance of the car deteriorates.

Second Hand Car Buying Tips: Even before taking a new vehicle in India, people still learn to drive with the old vehicle properly, although some people buy the old vehicle due to budget problems. Well, if you too are planning to pick up an old car dealer or from your friend. So we are going to tell you some tips which can be very useful for buying second hand cars in India.

1. Thorough checking of the Second Hand Car and its papers is extremely important. If you are buying an old car, trust the mechanic, not anyone. Show the car to a mechanic before purchase. This helps in negotiating the problems and price fixed by the owner.

2. Also, keep in mind whether the second-hand car you are going to buy has existing insurance paper or not. Also check with the paper whether there was any accident or claim from the car. For information, the way to look at this on a vehicle insurance policy is to pay attention to the No Claim Bonus (NCB) percentage applied.

3. Check all filters of second hand car and replace them if possible. Because all filters require regular cleaning. If not done in time, the car’s performance deteriorates.

4. Check the brake before buying the vehicle. Drive the car at a speed of at least 40-50 kmph in a place where there is less traffic. If you feel any vibration or any strange sound from the brake paddle, consult a mechanic immediately.

5. Examine the tires carefully. Check the condition of all tires in your car. Make sure that all tires are the same.

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