Tata Motors Sales October 2022: Tata vehicles selling well, sales figure crosses 78000 with a 15 percent increase

Tata Motors Sales October 2022 The month of October proved to be good for Tata. The company saw a growth of 15 percent on an annualized rate of sales. At the same time, in recent times, the company is working on its Tiago NRG CNG car.

 Tata Motors October 2022 Sales Report: Tata Motors, one of the country’s largest automakers, made a lot of sales last month. The company sold a total of 78,335 units in the domestic and overseas markets, showing a growth of 15 percent year-on-year.

For information, let us tell you that currently there is a lot of demand for vehicles like Tata’s Nexon, Punch, and Safari. At the same time, Nexon EV is being liked the most in the electric segment.

Tata sales report

Talking about the sales report of Tata Motors, in the month of October, Tata sold a total of 78,335 units as against 67,829 units during the same period last year. In this way, the company earned a total profit of 15 percent on a yearly basis. On the other hand, in the domestic sales of vehicles, the company sold a total of 76,537 units in October 2022. This figure was 65,151 units a year ago. Due to this, Tata has gained 17 percent in domestic sales.

Passenger and commercial segment sales

Talking about the different segments of Tata, it sold a total of 45,217 passenger vehicles domestically, which was 33,925 units during October 2021. In this way, the company’s passenger vehicle sales have seen an increase of 33 percent. On the other hand, the domestic sales of commercial vehicles stood at 31,320 units as against 31,226 units in October 2021. Due to this, there was not much difference in the sales of commercial vehicles.

Tata’s new CNG car in progress

Let us tell you that Tata is also working on its Tiago NRG CNG car these days and it is being said that it can be launched soon. The powertrain that will be used in the upcoming CNG car has not been shared by the company at the moment, but it is said to use the 1.2-liter aspirated engine in the current ICE model. This engine generates a peak power of 84.82bhp and a peak torque of 113Nm.

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