Tesla first manufacturing facility in Karnataka

Tesla is the first manufacturing facility in Karnataka. US-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Tesla will have its first manufacturing plant in Karnataka in India. According to the reports, this has been confirmed by the state government in presenting the budget in its local language.

American giant electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Tesla has knocked in India. For some time, this company of billionaire Elon Musk has been looking for a place to set up its manufacturing unit in India. But the company seems to have found the right place for production of its cars. According to the reports, the Government of Karnataka, while presenting the Indian budget in its own language, confirmed that Tesla’s first production unit will be set up in Karnataka.

Earlier this year, on 8 January, Tesla registered its company – Tesla India Motor and Energy Private Limited in Bangalore. The production of electric car manufacturer in Karnataka is also special because other big companies are producing their cars in this state in which company like Toyota Kirloskar is prominent.

Different states in the US are vying for setting up a Tesla manufacturing unit plant. Several states in the USA have offered Elon Musk and Tesla attractive manufacturing facilities. Because by installing Tesla’s own manufacturing unit, the state will get economic benefits and employment in the state. For the past few days, there were reports that Tesla was also in talks with several states to set up their manufacturing unit in India.

Tell that Tesla is famous for its technology worldwide. Last year, the company’s Model 3 car became the world’s best-selling electric car. According to reports, Elon Musk is the first to launch Tesla’s Model 3 in India. The company was to launch this car in India in the year 2016 as well. But it could not happen due to some reasons.

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