Tesla’s car Will locked Due to battery being dead! The cost of getting it fixed is NEW Thar

Tesla cars are known as the best automated electric cars. But recently such an incident has come to the fore in which a car owner had to face a lot of troubles due to its completely locked.

 Tesla Model S: Electric Automated Cars Everyone wants to have the most liked Tesla cars, but do you know that sometimes these electric cars become a big problem too? The same thing happened with a Tesla owner in Canada when his car got locked due to a dead battery. The car owner told the situation of his problem by releasing a video, in which it was impossible to open it, far from being able to drive it due to the lock of the car.

What is the event?

According to the information, Mario Zelaya is a resident of Canada and he bought the Tesla Model S electric car in 2013. They keep servicing this car from time to time, but now its battery has run out, due to which the car is locked. For this, Zelaya asked the company to replace it, but the company refused to pay for the new battery.

At the same time, Zelaya has opted not to get the car repaired, as the cost of replacing the battery is so high that you can buy a new Thar SUV in India at this price. Yes, Tesla told him that the cost of replacing the battery would be $26,000 (approximately Rs 15.53 lakh). This is about 40 to 50 percent of the total cost of the car.

Tesla refused because of this

Zelaya has talked to Tesla to pay for the new battery, with Tesla refusing to replace the battery. According to the company, the fault in the vehicle was discovered after its warranty expired. Because of this, the car owner himself will have to pay the repair cost of the battery. Zelaya claims that the car’s design flaw caused the battery pack to drain quickly and the problem started only when the vehicle was covered.

The whole matter is under investigation

At present, according to Zelaya, the entire matter is with Transport Canada and it is investigating the matter itself. Zelaya explained in his video that a standard battery warranty is usually 8 years and he was in touch with the carmaker from the very beginning. However, now Tesla is trying to suppress this and is not giving them any explanation as to why the battery went dead.

On the other hand, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there is no ongoing investigation into the issue in the US and it remains to be seen whether the administration is close to taking any action.

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