Nitin Gadkari’s announcement, after so many years these government vehicles will become ‘junk’, know what has changed in the rules

If you also have a government vehicle, then new rules have come regarding it. Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has said in a statement that government vehicles older than 15 years will not be able to play.

 Vehicles New Rules In India: The government is continuously working to reduce the increasing pollution in the environment. Many rules have already been made for this and now another new rule has come in this sequence. The government had already banned old private vehicles and diesel vehicles from running beyond a certain limit. Now, this rein is going to tighten on government vehicles as well. Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that all government vehicles will not run after 15 years and after completion of this time, these vehicles will be scrapped.

The new rules will be implemented in all states, under which government buses, trucks and cars older than 15 years have been banned from running. Please tell that these vehicles will be destroyed under the scrap policy and the concerned government departments will take responsibility for destroying them.

Rules have been brought under scrap policy

For information, let us tell you that this rule brought for government vehicles has been brought under the scrap policy. The rule bans plying of 10-year-old diesel vehicles in places like Delhi. Whereas, petrol vehicles can be run for 15 years. After this these vehicles will have to be scrapped. The government has also appointed registered vehicle scrapers, who take up the task of dismantling such vehicles, to ensure smooth enforcement of this rule.

Diesel vehicles are being closed from next year

Even if your vehicle is not that old, the sale of diesel vehicles will stop from April 1, 2023, under the new emission norms. Under this, it is prohibited to sell vehicles that do not meet the rules of BS 6 Stage 2 and fines can be imposed for breaking the rules. More fuel-efficient engines are being introduced under the new norms, which will reduce CO2 emissions.

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