Before the launch of the Volvo EX90 SUV, know what’s new in it? Why would it be special for pedestrians?

Volvo EX90 SUV Swedish automaker has made all preparations to launch its new electric car. The EX90’s battery will be larger than 100kWh and will come with Volvo’s bi-direction charging system.

Volvo EX90 SUV: The company has also shared the teaser video of its upcoming electric flagship SUV EX90 in recent days. The flagship SUV from the brand is going to replace the Volvo XC90 in the EX90 lineup. The company is going to launch this car on November 9.

Volvo EX90 SUV Design

Talking about the design of this car, the company had shown the teaser of this car quite dim, but the silhouette of the SUV seems round and quite sleek from the front which extends towards the rear. Along with this, the headlight with DRL is clearly visible in it. At the same time, the C-size taillights have been taken from the S90 sedan.

Will anything special happen?

The company has not yet given exact numbers regarding its range. But it has been hinted that the EX90’s battery will be bigger than 100kWh and will come with Volvo’s bi-direction charging system. At the same time, this SUV can also supply electricity to the house in case of emergency. That is, this car can also work as a portable power bank, charging or power device on the go.

Volvo EX90 SUV Features

The Volvo EX90 SUV has been equipped with all the modern features and specifications. At the same time, the interior of this car gets many great features from the 19-speaker Bower and Wilkins sound system to heated front seats with massage function. Apart from this, it also gets a panoramic sunroof, 360-degree camera, adaptive cruise control with assisted driving, and Volvo’s lidar system.

Will be equipped with Vidar system

Let us tell you that the lidar system is called ‘eye of the car’ by Volvo. In the Vidar system, a pulse laser is used to measure the range and detect any movement on the road. It helps in identifying pedestrians up to 250 meters in front of the car even during night time.

When will it be launched in India?

The company’s MD Jyoti Malhotra has hinted in recent times that the company is planning to increase localization and launch an electric car every year. Let us tell you that it is highly likely that the EX90 will reach India after its global launch next year. In the Indian market, this car competes with BMW iX and Mercedes EQB.

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